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South Asia Field Pastor Education Partnership

The South Asia Field (which includes Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal) is experiencing a crisis in educating our pastors and maturing them to the point of ordination. At present, there are 4

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Streetlights: Africa

Dakar, Senegal, and Chicago, USA have much more in common today than they did a generation ago, and one likely conduit is music.
The Streetlights team and the missional creatives in D

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SEA: Baan Jai Di Children’s Center

The Baan Jai Di (House of Good Heart) Children’s Center in Korat, Thailand exists to bring hope to families and children in one of the most unreached areas of the world.  The primary goa

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The Mesoamerica region is blessed to have a wide range of countries and cultures. One challenge that makes it difficult to continue to visit, train, and develop the leadership within each of these uni

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