Leonel and Maria Luisa De León

Serving in Guatemala on Global Deployment | Mesoamerica

We were born in Guatemala, we started our pastoral ministry at a young age, planting over 13 churches in different places. We are educated in Theology and family therapy.
We were pioneers of the Hispanic ministry in Tennessee. We were career missionaries to the Mesoamerica region and in charge of promoting evangelism in 5 countries, including Mexico.

We’ve been pastors to the First Hispanic Church of the Nazarene of Kansas City in which we’ve implemented leader’s training, church planting, and the SEDE program for theological education, now also online.

At a moment that we thought we were going to retire in our current ministry, after pastoring a total of 35 consecutive years, the Lord convinced us of the need to return to the missionary field and accept the challenge to be the Coordinator of Ministerial Strategy for North-Central Meso America. I have continued my higher education and have closed a doctorate in leadership and contextualization.

Home Assignment Dates

Dec 05, 2019 - Dec 18, 2019, United States

Home Assignment Dates

Jan 03, 2020 - Feb 05, 2020, United States

Going Where the Church is Not Yet

Today there are over 4.3 billion people who live in areas where there is little to no gospel witness. 4.3 billion people who have not heard the message of the gospel, who have never heard the name of Jesus. We believe that everyone deserves to hear. God continues to call the Church of the Nazarene to spread the message of the gospel, to preach holiness, and to bring good news to the poor all over the world. The task is enormous; far too big for anyone to do alone, but together we can go where the church is not yet and see people, communities, and nations transformed. Reaching these people begins with one step, a step of obedience and faithfulness that says yes to God’s call. Take your first step and start your journey toward serving in missions today.

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